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You have a choice, so why ci Productions?

creative illusions Productions came from the film industry in Atlanta in the early 90’s. We saw an incredible amount of waste and cost overrun in that industry, and were determined to use that knowledge to bring a different model to the North Carolina video production market. We take great pride in that we have developed long-term relationships with several clients – some even consider us the video production division of their company. We like to understand the companies we work with so that we can produce a product that feels like them. Our pricing structure is designed to fit the client and their needs, coupled with their desired budget range. We don’t have employees that you have to pay for when they aren’t actively working on your project. However, we’ve built a team of North Carolina based contractors over the years that we can utilize on a per-project basis, drastically reducing your cost.

Our Services

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Video Production

creative illusions Productions offers full service video and media production – from script to distribution. We can tailor our services to deliver a product that fills your needs while staying in your budget range.

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Training Videos

The best way to train new employees the right way, is to show them the right way. We've created training videos for Fortune 100 companies as well as local HVAC providers, and everywhere in-between.

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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic video production services are used to market, sell, and explain products and services in a creative, detailed, yet simple way.

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Studio Location

We have a cozy studio complete with a pre-lit green screen to save time, and therefore, money. You can walk in, do your shoot, and get out in record time.

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Post Production

We offer full-service in-house video post-production services including video editing, color grading, effects, chroma keying, and motion graphics that allow us to help you build and shape your message to deliver in today’s digital world.

Photo of the setup for a live webcast.

Live or Simulated Live Webcasts

From sports events, to boardroom meetings, to school graduations, we’ve been producing live webcasts for over 20 years!

Ronald McDonald House of Durham & Wake
An artist drawing on a lighted whiteboard.

Whiteboard Videos

We’ve developed a method for creating great real whiteboard animations, or we can use digital tools to create them. Sometimes there’s no better way to get your message across.

Engineer in a Box
An electric lineman in a bucket truck.

Online Series

Do you have an idea for an online video series or podcast, but just can’t figure out how to get it going? We can help! We’ve helped start four online series.

Street Foodie Diaries

Client Testimonials

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"The Plumbing video that featured American Standard was a great success! Working with you and Steve was a wonderful experience. From your professionalism to making sure I was comfortable, you made it a smooth process and an effective use of time for us all. American Standard being featured in this video was a great move for the AS brand for multiple reasons. Not only does it revolve around what the brand’s TradeUP program message is currently conveying but there are real life students (not actors) and instructors speaking on behalf of their personal experience in the plumbing/building trade. Having real people speak about their positive career choices will help motivate and inspire others to take action with their life. On a perspective from the business side, getting newer plumbers coming in to the trade and having them familiar with the AS brand, products and performance, will help to ensure a long term success for the brand."

Vinnie Arnese

Regional Training Manager - LIXIL Water Technology
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"Kim and her team were the epitome of professional. They delivered the completed project on time and within budget and responded positively to ideas and suggestions from our team. Kim and her team became a partner in the project, allowing for open and honest communication between all parties. We were impressed with the experience and knowledge that Kim and her team brought to the project and in the quality of the finished product. We look forward to working with her again!"

Jamica Ashley

Jamica Ashley
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“You’re really nice for a female director.”

Davy Jones

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“You’ll never get rich with your prices, but you’ll always have work.”

Taylor Lynn

BellSouth Corp.
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“Our agency has worked with Kim and her team for many years. There are no better video production crews than those associated with Kim Brame and her talented company - plain and simple.”

Peter Nilsson

President, Performance Public Relations
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“Kim performed miracles time and time again. Frequently tasked with complex projects, compressed schedules and limited budgets she always delivered a high quality product, on-time and within budget. A great resource to me for a variety of projects.”

Alan Blount

Chief Marketing Officer at National Flood Services
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“I've worked Kim and her team for over 14 years now on our video and streaming productions. They are a great group to work with and have delivered great quality for a wonderful price. If you're looking for video production or streaming work, make certain to include them in your bidding process.”

Drea Toretti

VP Marketing at PowerPlan, Inc.
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"There's been another film crew working on another project here this week - I couldn't tell you their names. You guys...I know your names, I know where you live. Hell, I know your dog's name. That's the difference with you guys."

Mill Supervisor

Gibraltar Mine - Williams Lake, BC
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“I highly recommend Kim and her team at Creative Illusions. Kim is excellent at what she does and I don't know anyone who works harder than she does. She also has a talent for surrounding herself with quality people. I would trust anyone who works for her, as much as I trust her. When you hire Kim, you know that you have a true partner in the project.”

Peter Roach

President and Owner, NxSteps Communications
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“Kim has created videos for technologies that were under development these videos allowed potential investors and prospective clients to easily understand the benefits of the product and how it worked. I found this type of video to be a valuable marketing tool and would hire Kim again because they were easy to work with and reasonably priced.”

Deb Spicer

President - Quantum Level Success
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"It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your team! Not only were you all so flexible and easy to work with but you also delivered a stellar product - the video is WONDERFUL! We personally believe that EVERY McDonald's Owner/Operator should have one. :)
We also so appreciate your willingness to push to get the video done by the tight deadline and have truly valued your partnership throughout the whole project."

Caroline Schmid

McKeeman Communications
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"Kim and her team did an excellent developing a compelling video of one of our most complicated processes. This video was used around the world in non-english speaking meetings and proved to be a strong method of communication. She accomplished this on a nearly impossible time frame and worked non-stop to meet our tight timeline. I would recommend her for professionals needing to communicate by video. She did a terrific job."

Clay Owen

Director of Executive Communications, AT&T
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"The videos produced for UNM have provided an enormous benefit to our marketing department and provided significant awareness to incoming and active students on our program offerings and career pathways. The quality of the videos is very high and has received praise from the community, students and staff alike."

Dr. Christopher L. Dyer, CEO

University of New Mexico - Gallup
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The years of video experience from both Kim and Steve Brame is evident from how they work with their clients to tell a story and garner attention. They listened to what I thought I wanted and then proposed solutions to give me exactly what I needed. Not only did they create a compelling series of short testimonial videos, but they made it fun for me and for my clients who were involved. It was clear from the completed videos how comfortable Kim made each person feel when they were in front of the camera. Steve’s behind-the-camera expertise and post production wizardry made for a visual campaign of messages-driven videos I could use in multiple ways.

Vanessa Lowry

Small Business Owner and Graphic Designer - Atlanta, GA