A view of the front of Hursley House in Winchester, UK.

Working in England. That’s right…England.

After spending a few days in Atlanta, we got back just in time to pack for our flight over to England, pushing us way out of the Raleigh video production arena.

Our long-standing Atlanta based client, PowerPlan, Inc. is having us create a video of their integration with an IBM product, so they flew us over to shoot a presentation at the IBM Client Centre in Hursley Park, right outside of Winchester, UK.

Though the main portion of the Client Centre is housed in an ultra modern facility on the grounds, which by the way, is complete with a cricket field, IBM have renovated the interior of Hursley House. Though originally scheduled to shoot for 2 days, we actually wrapped on day one, giving us an extra day to enjoy Winchester. We could only come up with a single word to describe the city – delightful.