A food truck owner being interviewed in Raleigh, North Carolina.


‘Street Foodie Diaries’ began as a college intern project that creative illusions Productions supports each summer. Originally there were going to be only three video episodes. But, due to the overwhelmingly positive response from within the Raleigh-Durham Food Truck community, the events evolved into a series of 12 episodes. Ultimately, we figured that a viable and ongoing series for online or TV was possible.

In late 2013, when we realized the level of interest and excitement surrounding the videos of food truck owners and their inspiring stories was so high, we determined it was important to take the series to the next level.

‘Street Foodie Diaries’ – Season 2 will include more experienced crew members to refine the visual quality of Season 1 and make the series the level necessary for a commercially sponsored production. This series will be produced by combining seasoned professionals with the newest members of our team. Interns will serve as members of the production team side-by-side with the more experienced crew; serving not as assistants grabbing coffees, but by gaining experience in real credited positions.

This approach is one of the exciting factors about the series. Everyone will be recognized for their contributions to the success of the series.