A group of McDonald's employees during a video interview.

But, What About Quality?

A well meaning client recently mentioned that they noticed that we tend to emphasize the cost aspect of our work, rather than the quality. The main reason is that I give people credit for being smarter than that. Seriously, what company is going to boast that their work sucks? People expect you to consider your quality top notch, at least. So generally, any self-claims to your quality being great probably get ignored.

What we like to do is let them see for themselves. First of all, we don’t merely put the prime examples of our work in our video gallery, we put samples of everything we do – both high and low budget. Next, we trust that they can pick up the subtle hints throughout our site as to our level of quality. You might notice that we were the in-house production company for BellSouth Corporation for 17 years. That included the 15 smaller companies that they owned. Do you think a major corporation such as BellSouth would have kept us around for 17 years if all we gave them was slag? We’ve brought this experience and expertise to the Raleigh video production arena.

You can also see from the testimonials that we’ve been working for several companies, small and large, for many years. We must be doing something right…right?